What do we do

We offer a low cost and ecological service with yet a high quality. There is no need
to buy new seats as were upholster the one you already have. This means less expense for our customers while reducing the environmental damage as only the necessary waste is generated for the new seat’s production. The situation is then very different while buying a complete new seat.

– Since 1976 offering the best service

– 900 Full seats per week

– Turn-key service

How we do it

Our technical department, which includes a multidisciplinary team made up of long experienced industrial engineers and craftsmen, studies these pathologies in order to find
the best possible repair. Consequently each seat requires a specific treatment which only repairs the damaged part, whether it is the upholstery or the seat’s structure.

Reusing the seat means less industrial production and waste’s concern. This is why our product is considered extremely ecological and certified by all the existing environmental certificates (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, VERDE,…). Our materials are fireproofed and are produced following the standards M-1, C-1, EN-1021-1-2, BS5852, by taking into account the specificities of each country’s legislations.

The final result

You have here a visual example of ‘before’ and ‘after’ Taal system intervention. We currently provide worldwide services to the most important cinema’s chains, theatres, auditorium, hotels and any public space’s typology